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Winter Blues: Live (2013)
Johnny Who?! (2012)
Bigger, Better, Zilber (2008)
Jonno Zilber (2005)
Winter Blues: Live

This album was recorded and released for all my blues dancer friends and fans. For years I’ve played for blues dancers around the country and often heard them say that all they want is a blues album that they can just put on, hit play and dance the night away without having to worry about the next track being too fast or loud or killing their bluesy mood.

On paper it’s an easy solution, just record a bunch of slow songs, write the tempo of each one on the back of the CD case and be done with it! But in reality there’s an art to crafting the perfect set specifically for a blues dancing audience which often goes against everything a musician learns about putting together an engaging and exciting live set just about anywhere else. The groove, the tempo, the ebb and flow are all different while still trying to make it interesting enough for those sitting on the side of the dance floor. I decided to record a live set at one of Australia’s premier swing and blues dancing events, Canberrang, and bring along my faithful drummer, Nick Peddle, the always handy multi-saxophonist, Tom Fell, and my new friend Tom Manley on clarinet (his first blues gig and my first gig with a clarinet player).

I knew that this would not be my most “commercially viable” album (whatever that means), but it was such a joy to put together and see what came out the other end. There’s something special that happens in a dimly lit room full of musicians and dancers at two in the morning and I hope this album captured that for dancers and non-dancers alike.

– Jonno Zilber

Track Listing:

Winter Blues
Somethin’ So Fine
Never Hear The Words I Sing
$50 Wig
Second Chances
I Cry Alone
Before I Knew Her Name
Somethin’ So Fine (Reprise)
Can’t Sleep
Same Thing
Winter Blues (for dancers)

Johnny Who?!

I quit full time touring in 2012 so I could go and learn to fly aeroplanes. It was the best decision I ever made for a number of reasons, one of them being that because I no longer had any pressure to be anywhere or to perform or produce, I started writing music that I  actually loved for the first time in years. I moved to a small town in the Bega valley in New South Wales and lived in a run down old house that I rented by myself for $50 a week. There I wrote and recorded nearly every day (amongst all the flying lessons) for a number of months with no goal to release an album or play a gig. I just spent the time rediscovering the love of making music that I didn’t even realise I had lost. After a while I wondered if I should hit the road again and get back into playing music full time, but that thought was pretty scary. I was sure everyone would have forgotten me already and I’d have to start from the bottom again. In the end I decided not to go back to touring and continue pursuing my other life ambitions, but I wanted to release some of the stuff I had been recording.

Almost all of the songs on this album are either about or inspired by my life after music, the good and the bad. Flying aeroplanes, having a ‘real job’ for the first time in my life, learning to be an adult and dealing with realities far beyond my maturity level.

For this record I enlisted the help of some of my favourite Canberra musicians. Nick Peddle on the drums, Cameron Smith on the trumpet, Julia Johnson on vocals and Emma Kelly on violin and bowed saw.

– Jonno Zilber

Track Listing:

I’ve Got A Testimony
Johnny Who?!
No Petrol Blues
Gus’ Song
I’m Not A Jealous Man
No One Else To Blame
Never Hear The Words I Sing
Nowhere To Hide In This Town
Bemboka Jim
She’s In Love With A Scotsman

Bigger, Better, Zilber

Bigger, Better, Zilber is what it says on the lid. Not long before my 19th birthday I was awarded an ArtsACT grant to record and release an album. At the time it was a huge boost and vote of confidence that I was heading in the right direction as a musician so I wanted to make sure I did everything as best I could. I wrote and wrote and rehearsed as much as I could, I enlisted the help of my mentor and good friend, Lloyd Spiegel, to produce the album. When I was ready, Lloyd, myself and engineer Tony Hunter (who was one of my guitar teachers in my early teens) hunkered down in the studio for a week. We did take after take and nearly came to blows a few times until finally this album came out the other side.

For me, this album was proof to the world that I was no longer just a kid who was pretty handy with a guitar, but a professional songwriter, singer and recording artist

– Jonno Zilber

Track Listing:

Johnny Four-Flusher: Act 1
First We Take Manhattan
I’m Goin’
Johnny Four-Flusher: Act 2
Can’t Sleep
What Little I Know
Locomotive Breath
Johnny Four-Flusher: Act 3
Second Chances
Johnny Too Bad
Johnny Four-Flusher: Act 4

Jonno Zilber

My first album that I recorded when I was fifteen is currently out of print but you might be lucky to find a copy from the original run of 500 at a garage sale or op shop somewhere. This album featured some of my finest high school style songwriting but it was really intended as an introduction. An introduction for me to the process of professional recording, production and promotion and the Australian blues scene’s introduction to me as an upcoming professional musician. 

– Jonno Zilber

Track Listing:

Hard Times
Katy Why?
Midnight Special
The Cure
I’m Ok
The Weight
The Fire
Lord’s Prayer