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In this Super Smash Bros. So you want to play as Little Mac. Little Mac makes a return appearance in Super Smash Bros. Little Mac's KO Punch freezes time and moves super fast, so this might beat any action the opponent does , but I'd be willing to bet that if the Lucina had simply held Shield she wouldn't have been hit. It deals 5 damage to enemies. The game Abobo's Big Adventure, a fan game which features numerous Nintendo characters, featured Little Mac as its final boss. 141. Little Mac's KO Punch Percentages For Every Character. Search. Best to avoid this attack as well. Little Mac’s grab attack deals 1 damage. This concludes our Super Smash Bros. The Power Meter fills when it reaches 100 units. We have curated this Super Smash Bros. This mod changes Little Mac's KO Punch meter to a bar. Even at 999, Little Mac’s Smash Attack can Super Armor through moves like Warlock Punch, fully charged Roy neutral special, and the Home-Run Bat. Gauge) is a fighter ability unique to Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Smash Attacks: Hold the left stick in any direction and press A simultaneously. Ultimate Little Mac Guide – How to Play, Attack Moves. Side Smash: 24.9 % (33.6 %) Little Mac pulls his arm back and unleashes a powerful punch! Fully charged power meter being used to attack Samus. During this lunge, Little Mac’s lower body will resist all damage and interruptions. Join my discord! This will knock the enemies away. 1. Ultimate Characters Guide, Super Smash Bros. - [49] Hailing from the Bronx i n New York, the 17-year-old Little Mac has overcome many boxing circuits against countless fighters, and has now joined Smash Bros. to punch out the competition. By design, Mac has a rough time fighting and … Little Mac will attack enemies while coming down with a powerful punch making them flinch. Keep the left stick pointed in a direction to charge the attack. When Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac, the power meter disappears for the entire duration of the Final Smash. For example, taking 10% will fill one arrow. If this time, someone attacks Little Mac the attack will be blocked and he will counter with a powerful uppercut launching enemies away from him. Despite being a lower mid-tier character in Smash 4, Little Mac has received a mix of buffs and nerfs in the transition to Ultimate, but he was nerfed overall. Punch, , Special , b or b (hold) move for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. This attack deals 13 damage to enemies and knocks them away. While he has received good improvements both directly and from game engine changes, he received heavy nerfs to his damage and combo potential. We have detailed them below. The recovery time and initial time for this attack is slightly greater then Neutral Air Attack but the damage is slightly more. On three separate occasions, playing against Mac as Dedede, I hit him at the same time that the KO punch hit. If they are shielded, you can either move back quickly or use the uppercut third move to counter the enemies if they want to use a counter. Said strikes are extremely easy to break shields with, making Little Mac an easy punisher. And if you pause the video, you can see her in a neutral state before the … If Little Mac is hit with quiet moves like. That typically makes up for the boxer’s small stature in his own series. You should dash exactly after the Dtilt. series, where successfully landing punches to Little Mac's opponents fills the meter up, while getting hit decreases the meter. Little Mac’s first two attacks can be shielded easily. The move will do nothing if Little Mac is not attacked, but if an opponent attacks him, Little Mac acts like he was hit before retaliating with a punch to catch the opponent off guard, while a representation of a heartbeat appears above him. All enemies hit by this attack are knocked above in the air further. The recovery time is also very high so this attack has no benefits which can be helpful in combat in the air. This attack is also unblockable and unshieldable which makes this a formidable attack. This is a two hit combo where Little Mac will first land a straight punch and then follow up with another more powerful hit which launches enemies away from Little Mac. I'll use Mac's Aerials cause why not. His smashes and neutral-b have super armor, and side-b avoids projectiles. This also requires precision as the hitbox is pretty small. Wario got hit with the windbox the exact same time he chomped Little Mac. Recommended Training. Although the grab range is very impressive, the overall grab speed and its animation is very slow and you will need to be careful and time the grab right. Posted by. The up throw does not too much power so you might not get the time to follow up with a combo always. Ultimate execution, strategy guide, tips and tricks. Hey guys, I noticed a tip about Little Mac's KO Punch that he builds up after taking damage, but don't remember how it said to pull it off. First of all, english is not my mother tongue so please, don't be a grammar nazi and excuse my poor english (and google trad) So, after few testing, i found that if I hit LM with his KO punch on, he loses it. Instead of using a 3D version of his Super Punch-Out!! sign, causing his neutral special move, the Straight Lunge, to be replaced with a powerful move named the KO Uppercut. Ultimate heavily struggles when he's off the stage. In the context of a regular game, Mac will usually get KO Uppercut from around 65%. Super Smash Bros. 3DS Ver. Mac is guaranteed KO Uppercut if he takes 100%. 141 votes, 68 comments. During this charge, if an enemy comes in contact with him, Little Mac will unleash a flurry of punches and then end the combo with a massive uppercut launching them away from him. Punch, , Special , b or b (hold) move for Little Mac in Super Smash Bros. The attack speed is also good making this a good air attack for Little Mac. The bar starts out green, then gets more red the closer Little Mac is to getting the KO Punch. Ultimate – Beginners Guide, Super Smash Bros Ultimate Assist Trophies Guides, Super Smash Bros. (After being knocked down once) 1. Smash Ultimate has no shortage of cameo characters that don’t actually fight in their respective series. Enemies hit by the punch will be knocked away from him. Little Mac’s neutral attack combo has two variations depending how you want to end it. This attack deals 10 damage to enemies. Dtilt > KO punch. On the ground, Little Mac’s attacks are unforgiving and can dish out a lot of damage with even his basic attacks. Little Mac will get in position and, if any character attacks while doing so, his pulse will appear and he will respond with a punch to do decent damage. When Little Mac is inhaled by Kirby, Kirby copies Straight Lunge, but does not gain a Power Meter and so does not get the KO Uppercut move. Close-up of a partially filled power meter. Up Smash: 25.2 % (35.2 %) Little Mac unleashes an uppecut so stong, it can cause fire!

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